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Crime Point is Gunning for Growth

Small Business Development Center hosted by Economic Development Collaborative
Crime Point  – Camarillo, CA

Former police sergeant Dan McLeod saw a need for more progressive police-specific surveillance equipment in Ventura County, so in 2000, he established Crime Point. The Camarillo based company manufactures surveillance vehicles, turnkey video surveillance systems and customizable components engineered specifically for the challenging and unpredictable law enforcement environment. With eight employees and a team of contract engineers, McLeod
saw another need—to become more educated about running and growing his business. He and his wife, Leslie, turned to the SBDC at EDC to take advantage of its numerous business assistance programs.

The McLeods sought help in scaling up Crime Point’s manufacturing capability so the company could manage its growth and jump to the next level. They wanted to explore new markets and transition from an R&D focus to marketing. SBDC Business Advisor Mary Anne Rooney helped them improve internal communications, streamline processes, plan for growth and prepare for international expansion.


  • Be consistent. Rooney helped the McLeods see the importance of intra-company communication and systems when managing employees and contractors in a rapidly growing business. As a result, Dan is creating a project flow process soevery task—from lead to sale—is handled in a consistent, organized way.
  • Prepare for change. Because change can be scary for employees, especially in this economy, Dan is sharing information about the changes at Crime Point so employees understand the vision for the company. This will help them see the positive side of change and embrace it.
  • Plan for growth. Dan is creating job descriptions and conducting an employee survey to get feedback about job satisfaction and to identify what employees see themselves doing in the future. The answers will help ensure that Crime Point’s employees can grow along with the company.

With the new systems and processes in place, Crime Point is poised to expand into Canada. Thanks to the changes they’ve instituted based on SBDC consulting, including an informative new website that was created through a contact at EDC’s Manufacturing Outreach Program, the McLeods are confident their expansion into the international market will be a success.

“We have taken advantage of every local resource we possibly can to help our business grow,” said Leslie. “Whenever I hear about a class, symposium or seminar, I’m there.”

Says Dan, “EDC’s staff is a very confident, very motivated collection of people who are willing and able to help out businesses seeking assistance.”

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