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International Trade

How are Your International Sales? Did you know? 1/3 of all U.S. e-commerce transactions will be with foreign counterparts by 2017*


The LA SBDC Network can assist you create a new, thriving stream of revenue or grow your international trade with the assistance of our expert trade consultants throughout our network - at no cost to you. We can assist you identify viable markets and quality products, help you with compliance, logistics, negotiation, finance and more. In addition, our partnerships with the U.S. Commercial Service and the Southern California District Export Council (DEC) give our clients exclusive access to the most experienced trade professionals in our region to offer guidance through even the most unique trade issues.

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No-Cost Services Overview

Intl trade icons-04Market Identification and Product Quality

The SBDC identifies the international markets for your imported or exported products; performs market opportunity, segmentation, and industry analysis for your products; and identifies critical product specifications for your imported or exported product in order to establish quality.

Intl trade icons-03Compliance

The SBDC identifies the HTS, Schedule B, and other related identification codes necessary to research import or export compliance data. The SBDC help you research regulatory taxes, duties, fees, and regulations related to your products or services. In addition, we can help you develop operational and documentation compliance procedures to reduce, manage, and monitor potential compliance risks.

Intl trade icons-01Negotiation

The SBDC will prepare you for negotiations with suppliers and explain how to develop templates and formats necessary to facilitate negotiation dialogue.

Intl trade icons-05Finance

The SBDC assists clients with accessing and identifying sources of capital for sales purchases, international pricing, reduction of payment risk, and more.

Intl trade icons-06Agreements

The SBDC develops an outline based on your expectations, obligations, and other details necessary for international business agreements. The SBDC will distinguish different agreements and the potential risks within the legal frameworks of various countries. If your particular contract requires further development, we can refer you to trusted resources and legal assistance to help you develop an effective and legal agreement.

Intl trade icons-02Logistics

The SBDC can help you develop cost-benefit analyses for international logistics costs for each key trade line and help you develop an action plan to address risks and opportunities to reduce logistics costs and increase value and efficiency in your supply chain. We’ll also recommend resource partners and vendors to support your particular supply chain needs.

 Additional Resources

Virtual International Advisor

Generate a gap, compliance, or export-ready analysis, or an import/export audit. The tool will generate applicable resources and will provide a custom report that you can bring in to discuss with your SBDC consultant at any time.

SBDC Trade Resources

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Commercial Service A U.S. Commercial Service Export Assistance Center (USEAC) is co-located at one of our regional service centers, which allows extraordinary access to their data center with global business and U.S. International Trade Administration resources. DECSCOur partnership includes confidential access to the trade expertise of 40 DEC members all of which are international business experts and professionals including: accountants, attorneys, and other professionals appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.   This Brookings Initiative provides critical access to trade data, resources, and assistance from key partners like JP Morgan Chase.

*Estimate according to the Centers for Strategic and International Studies